Weighted Round Robin Function

This function provides uneven round robin distribution by using hit counts according to the weight value for each record. This allows greater flexibility in access dispersion.

Table 1. Weighted Round Robin Settings
Item Description
Weight Value Specify the hit rate (from 0 to 100) for each record. The hit rate for a record will fluctuate according to the weight value that is specified.
Target Distribution is performed on the hosts that have the same Name tag and same Type tag in the group.
Note: This function can be used only for A or AAAA records.

Points to Note

  • If there are no records with a weight of 100, a target record might not be returned during name resolution.
  • If the weight is set to 0, the hit rate will also be 0 and therefore no value is returned.
  • During normal record registration, if records are registered with the same host and same record type, a weight of 100 is applied.