Region Management

This function allows you to activate additional regions in addition to the regions that have been used since the time of the subscription, and to obtain information about regions currently used.


A region can only be managed by the following user:

  • A user that has the Contractor role

Functions Included

  • Default Region

    This region is made available by default when a contract number (domain) is obtained at K5 Portal.

    Tip: "Eastern Japan Region 2 (jp-east-2)" is set up as the default region.
  • Region Activation Function

    This function allows you to activate and start to use a region that has not been used yet so that you can deploy resources in the region.

    Note: The region to which this function is applied is not immediately available. Check the state of the region by using the information acquiring function of regions currently in use, and confirm that the region is in an "active" state before you start to use the region.
    Important: If a region has already been activated with this function, do not use the function again to activate the same region.
  • Region List Function

    This function displays a list of regions provided as IaaS services.

  • Function for Acquiring Information about Regions Currently in Use

    This function displays a list of regions that have been activated with the region activation function and the availability of each region.

    There are two states:

    • active
    • ready

    You can also obtain information about the default region.