Network Management

Network management allows you to create or delete networks in a project in order to create resources such as virtual servers.

You can create multiple networks in a project.

Creating a Network

To create a network, specify the following items.

Table 1. List of Network Settings
Item Description Required
Network Name Specify a name to identify the network.  
Availability Zone Name at Creation Destination Specify the name of the availability zone where the network will be created. If this setting is omitted, the default availability zone will be used.  
  • To communicate with an external network, you must create a virtual router and connect it to the internal network.
  • Do not connect two or more virtual routers that are connected to external networks to a single network.

To create resources such as virtual servers, create a subnet on the network you created.

Deleting a Network

Delete a network that is no longer needed.

Important: If there are virtual servers or a virtual router to which a user is connected on the network to be deleted, you must disconnect the virtual resources from them before deleting the network.