Registering/Deleting an Object

This function allows you to specify a created container to store data. When storing data, you can add metadata and handle the data and metadata together as one object.

Important: To store an object, you need to create a container first. You cannot register the object alone.

Registering an Object

Specify data on the local drive, and store it in the container as an object. When registering an object, configure the following items.

Table 1. List of Object Settings
Item Description Required
Delete at / Delete after

Select one of the following conditions:

  • Delete the created objects after a certain period of time
  • Delete the objects on a specific date and at a specific time
Custom Metadata Specify metadata in the formats described in Custom Metadata Management.  
Important: When a very large number of objects are created in a container, the response when obtaining the list may be delayed. To prevent lowered performance, limit the maximum number of objects registered in a single container to 1,000,000.

Deleting an Object

Delete objects stored in a container.