Snapshot Function

Create a snapshot of the block storage currently in use. You can use this function for both system storage and additional storage.

The following functions are provided:

Taking a Snapshot

Take a snapshot of the block storage currently in use on a virtual server. The virtual server can be either running or stopped.

Note: We do not guarantee operation using a snapshot that was taken while the virtual server was online. To ensure that a snapshot serves as backup data, you must take the snapshot while the virtual server is stopped.

Deleting a Snapshot

Specify snapshot data that is no longer needed and delete it.

Restoring from a Snapshot

Restores block storage from a snapshot. The block storage to be restored can be specified from among the following:

  • The block storage from which the snapshot was taken
  • Newly created block storage
  • It is not possible to specify existing block storage that is not the source of the snapshot as the destination for snapshot restoration.
  • To reuse it for system storage, the block storage that you use as the snapshot source must be bootable.
  • If you create a block storage by restoring it from a snapshot, you cannot select the storage type.