Service Overview

FUJITSU Cloud Service for OSS IaaS is a global cloud service provided by Fujitsu that allows for flexible on-demand use of virtual servers, storage systems, and other computing resources, with time-based pricing.

Figure: Global Cloud Service by Fujitsu


FUJITSU Cloud Service for OSS IaaS is a service designed for cloud-native applications. Service Portal is complementary to the API and provides a subset of the main functions available with IaaS. To use the full set of all functions, use the REST API.

In addition, for details of the functions provided by the Service Portal, refer to the Service Portal User Guide.

High Level of Security

  • Both scalable environments connected via flat networks and secure environments divided into multiple network tiers are supported.
  • Each region contains multiple availability zones (physically independent environments), ensuring high availability.
  • The authentication and access control functions protect cloud resources.
  • The network security service prevents attacks from the outside.

Figure: Providing Flexible Network Environment and Availability

Speed and Flexibility

  • Combinations of vCPUs and memory capacity types are provided as virtual server types (flavors) to fit different use cases such as CPU optimization and memory optimization
  • Flexible combinations of disk capacities and networks are provided
  • Metered billing based on actual use time

Figure: Providing Flexible Combinations of Virtual Resources to Fit Different Use Cases

Lower Operation Burden

  • Auto-scaling linked with system monitoring, Database as a Service, and other functions lower system setup costs and operation costs
  • Email functions, DNS, and other relevant services required for Internet services are provided

Figure: Providing Services and Functions that Reduce Operation Costs