Overview of Services

This section provides an overview of the services available in IaaS.

On each of the four layers in the figure below, IaaS provides services specifically designed for your purposes and needs.

Figure: Structure of Services Available

Global Infrastructure

Global Infrastructure makes IaaS available at global locations. The following two location services are provided:

  • Region

    Used to protect against regional disasters (disaster recovery purposes).

  • Availability Zone

    Used to minimize the influence of failure at data center facilities.

Foundation Services

Foundation Services provide a virtual infrastructure where you can run your applications and services. Foundation Services provide services that allow you to flexibly combine virtual servers, virtual storage, virtual networks, and other resources via an API or Service Portal to set up an execution environment quickly and as needed.

Application Platform Services

Application Platform Services provide services that support the configuration of large-scale systems, such as services for coordination between your applications and services developed on the base of Foundation Services, or for automatic creation and deployment of built systems.

Management & Administration

The Management & Administration services provide support for continuous operation of your applications and services on Foundation Services.