Preparing the Virtual Server for SAP Environment

To start operations on a virtual server for SAP, you must prepare a connection with the existing virtual resource environment.

Before creating a virtual server for SAP, make the preparations as shown below.

Enabling of an Environment

Enable an environment for a project in which you want to use a virtual server for SAP.

Table 1. Enabling of an Environment (List of Items That Can Be Set)
Item Description Required
Project ID Specify the existing project ID Yes
Availability Zone Name

Specify the name of the availability zone where the environment will be enabled

Tip: If this setting is omitted, all the availability zone names will be set by the system.
Note: Do not enable and disable the same project at the same time.

Building a Virtual Network

To connect the environment for a virtual server for SAP with an existing virtual resource environment, create the following virtual network resources:

  • Virtual router
  • Virtual network and a subnet that belongs to the virtual network


    The subnet that will be created for a virtual server for SAP must meet the following conditions:

    • No normal virtual servers are connected
    • The subnet name starts with the prefix "fcx_subnet-w:"
    • The CIDR range specified as network addresses is larger than the specification of the IP address range (secure a network resource range described later)

Creating a Network Resource

Create a network resource by assigning the subnet that has been created for the virtual server for SAP environment.

Preparing a Virtual Server Used for Logging In

When network resources are assigned to the subnet created for the virtual server for SAP environment, you cannot create normal virtual servers on the same subnet. Therefore, prepare a different network and a subnet, and connect to them via a virtual router, as shown below.