Scaling Up and Scaling Down of a Virtual Server

You can change the type of a virtual server that has been created, as necessary.

If, due to the operational conditions of the virtual server, the performance of the virtual server type that you selected when you created it is insufficient or is excessive, you can change the specifications of that virtual server.

Tip: If the specifications of the virtual server are more than enough to satisfy the requirements of the application operation load, you can reduce operation costs by scaling down.

Resizing of a Virtual Server

You can change the Virtual Server Type of a virtual server that has been created to a different type.

  • When the target of resizing is a virtual server that is an operating state (ACTIVE) or shut-down state (SHUTOFF), resizing (changing of the type of virtual server) is possible.
  • After performing resizing, confirm that the status of the virtual server has become "VERIFY_RESIZE", then execute "Confirm resized server" (fix the change), and then fix the resizing.
Note: When the virtual server is in an operating state (ACTIVE), resizing will forcibly reboot the virtual server. It is recommended to perform resizing after placing virtual servers in the shut-down state (SHUTOFF).

Rollback of Virtual Server Resizing

You can roll back the resizing of the virtual server in some situations; for example, if the target virtual server does not properly enter an "ACTIVE" state after it has been resized.