Email Delivery Service

FUJITSU Cloud Service for OSS IaaS provides a high-quality, efficient email delivery service. Tedious system operations such as building and managing an email server are handled by this service, allowing you to make significant reductions in operating cost.

Figure: Overall Layout of the Email Delivery Service

Usage Value

The following can be realized using the email delivery service.

  • Email is stored temporarily by the email delivery service and then sent asynchronously. Unlike when a mail server has been configured, the act of sending is completed when the email delivery service receives the email, and the sender does not need to wait until email has been sent to all of the target addresses. This is particularly useful when sending large amounts of email.
  • There are two interfaces for sending email: SMTP relay and APIs. It is possible to select the interface that best suits the customer's environment.
  • As optimum and efficient sending control is performed, it is possible to reduce the number of errors related to the sending method.

Functions Included

  • Sending settings

    • Sender domain registration
    • Sender email address settings
  • Email delivery functions

    • Send by using an SMTP interface
    • Send by using an API
  • Email certificate settings

    • SPF authentication settings
  • Monitoring of results of sending
  • Scheduling email