Sending Settings

There are the two following methods for registering users with the email delivery service.

  • Register a sender domain
  • Register email addresses of senders

For the registration methods, refer to "Verify domain (POST /)" and "Verify email address (POST /)" in the "API Reference - Application Platform Service".

Tip: If a sender domain is registered, it is not necessary to register individual email addresses belonging to that domain.

You can specify only registered domains and email addresses as the From address (Envelope From and Header From).

Table 1. Settings for the Send Source
Item Description
From Address You can specify only an email address that has been registered, or an address with a domain that matches a registered domain name.
Settings for the Send Destination
  • Local part: 64 bytes or less
  • 255 bytes or less in total (including the local part)
  • RFC-compliant (partially)
  • When registering a sender domain, registration is completed by configuring the value of the authentication token included in responses in the TXT record of the DNS server. At that time, use "_niftycloudess.<name_of_the_domain_to_register>" as the name of the TXT record to register.
  • Domains normally become usable approximately 10 minutes after being registered.