Monitoring Service

This service provides a function to monitor the applications that users run on the system.

  • This function collects and tracks information on the monitored items of resources as well as applications run by the user. Rapid solutions based on the results of monitoring allow smooth operation of your application and business.
  • This function monitors resources such as virtual servers and DBaaS virtual database servers. You can also create and monitor unique items for your applications and services.
  • You can acquire monitoring data by using an API, or send notifications to programs via alarms. You can then perform troubleshooting based on the status of the cloud environment, visualize the trends, and run automated actions.

Overall Layout of the Monitoring Service

Figure: Overview of the Monitoring Service

List of Functions Included

Function Overview
Monitoring of resources This function automatically monitors resources. There is no need to install additional software.
Unique item monitoring Unique items that are created by the user's application are sent and monitored by the monitoring service.
Settings for alarms Set alarms for monitored items. When the specified threshold is exceeded for a monitored item, automated actions such as sending email and auto-scaling are performed.
Dashboard The dashboard displays graphs and statistics for all monitored items from the management console. You can also view all alarms and their history.
API All operations and the acquisition of monitored items are performed by using an API (compatible with Ceilometer from OpenStack).