Monitoring Resources

The resources running on the system are monitored automatically. Monitoring data is acquired for the monitored items that are defined for each resource.

Note: Monitoring is available only within the same region.

Acquiring Monitoring Data

You can view the monitoring data in a graph as statistical values on Service Portal, or you can acquire the data by using an API. You can specify the following parameters when acquiring this data:

Tip: For information about the items to be monitored, refer to Lists of Monitored Items.
  • Information that identifies the item to be monitored

    Meter name, resource ID, resource metadata

  • Statistic type

    Average, minimum, maximum, total, number of samples

  • Period for statistics calculation

    1 minute (minimum) to 2 weeks (maximum)

  • Acquisition period

    Desired period within the previous two weeks

Important: Monitoring data is saved for two weeks. To save data that is older than two weeks, you must acquire the data by using an API before it is deleted and then save it in another location.