Monitoring with a Custom Meter

Users can create custom meters for each application, to register and monitor data.

Creating a Custom Meter

If there is no custom meter when you register data, a new custom meter is created.

Tip: For details about creating a custom meter, refer to the section about new monitoring items and sample registration in API Reference Manual.

Acquiring a Custom Meter

You can view the monitoring data from the created custom meter in a graph as statistical values on Service Portal, or you can acquire the data by using an API. You can specify the following parameters when acquiring this data.

  • Information that identifies the custom meter

    Meter name, resource ID, resource metadata

  • Statistic type

    Average, minimum, maximum, total, number of samples

  • Period for statistics calculation

    1 minute (minimum) to 2 weeks (maximum)

  • Acquisition period

    Desired period within the previous two weeks

  • Units

    Units specified when the custom meter was created