Settings for Alarms

When the specified threshold is exceeded for a monitored resource item or some other monitored item, automated actions such as sending email and auto-scaling are performed.

The item that is monitored, the threshold condition, and the action that is taken when the threshold has been exceeded are handled collectively as an object, which is called an alarm.

Creating an Alarm

Specify the items below to create an alarm:

  • Information for monitored items

    Meter name, resource ID, resource metadata

  • Threshold conditions

    • Threshold condition

      Greater than or equal, less than or equal, less than, greater than

    • Consecutive number of times for threshold condition

      Consecutive number of times the threshold condition must be reached

    • Statistic type

      Average, minimum, maximum, total

    • Statistics calculation period

      1 minute (minimum) to 1 day (maximum)

  • Action settings

    Define actions for each alarm status shown below.

    Note: Actions are performed only when the status changes.
    Table 1. List of Alarm Statuses
    Status Description
    OK No abnormality (alarm thresholds have not been exceeded)
    ALARM Alarm threshold condition has been reached

    Data insufficient to check for alarm

    Examples: Alarm disabled, monitored item instance stopped

Viewing Alarm History

Table 2. List of Alarm History Items
Item Description
Date This is the date and time for each history entry.
Type Changed Settings

This is the information regarding operation events for an alarm.

  • Created: Information specified when an alarm was created
  • Deleted: Information for deleted alarms
  • Changed settings: Information on alarms before and after changes
Change in Status

This is the information regarding status changes. The following information is included:

  • Statuses before and after changes (Example: OK -> NG)
  • Reason for change (Example: Threshold exceeded)
  • Measurements before and after changes
  • Threshold conditions for monitored items that are set for alarm

This is the information regarding actions that were performed. The following information is included:

  • Action results
  • Notification destination (for email)
  • Message (for email)
  • Date and time of change in status that triggered alarm
Description This is a description of each history entry.
Note: History information is retained for a maximum of two weeks. To save data that is older than two weeks, you must acquire the data by using an API before it is deleted and then save it in another location.