NAS Software Image

This function provides the virtual server image that can be created as network attached storage (NAS).

The provided virtual server image and template are as follows:

  • Virtual server image with NAS server (GlusterFS) software installed

    Table 1. NAS Software Image Information
    Image Name FJK5-NAS-V03
    Image OS CentOS 7.2 64bit (English)
  • A template for creating the NAS software image in the user environment

Use the resources described above to build NAS in the user environment.

  • The following virtual servers cannot be used because they do not meet the operating requirements of NAS software.

    • P-1 / P2-1
    • T-1 / T2-1
    • LM-1 / LM2-1
    • LM-2 / LM2-2
    • LM-4 / LM2-4
    • LM-8 / LM2-8
    • L-12 / L2-12
    • L-24 / L2-24
  • The NAS built in the user environment must be operated/maintained by the customer. No support service is provided for the NAS server created with this function.
  • Before application, carefully examine the capacity, performance, and maintenance of the function.