Connection/Disconnection from an OpenVPN Client (Windows)

About this task

To connect or disconnect the SSL-VPN Connection resource on IaaS from a PC where an OpenVPN client has been set up, follow the procedure below.


  1. Starting up of an OpenVPN client

    Click Start menu > OpenVPN > OpenVPN GUI.

    Note: If you are not logged in as the system administrator, right-click the menu and click Run as administrator.

  2. SSL-VPN Connection

    Right-click the OpenVPN icon in the notification area of the PC, and click the Connect menu.

  3. Authentication of HTTP proxy servers

    If an HTTP proxy server is involved when using an SSL-VPN connection, input the user name and password registered on the HTTP proxy server.

  4. Authentication of a client private key

    When using an encrypted client private key, enter the password for the client private key.


    Regarding client private key passwords

    • When using a self-signed certificate

      Use the password specified when converting the client certificate and the private key to the pkcs#12 format.

    • When using a client certificate that was downloaded from the K5 portal

      Use the password set for the certificate on the K5 portal.


When connection to the SSL-VPN Connection resource is successfully established, the icon in the notification area turns to green.

What to do next

To disconnect, right-click the icon in the notification area and click Disconnect.