Configuring Settings on a Virtual Server in Advance

This section describes the settings that must be configured in advance on the virtual server that is targeted for export.

About this task

Use the following procedure for the virtual server targeted for export.


  1. Logging in to a Virtual Server
    Log in to the virtual server to configure the required settings on the guest OS.
  2. Configuring Settings by Guest OS in Advance
    • When the Guest OS is Windows

      If Cloudbase-init is installed, uninstall it.

    • When the Guest OS is Linux

      If Cloud-init is installed, uninstall it.

      Tip: You may need to replace the initial RAM disk with the embedded driver that is compatible in the migration destination virtual environment.
  3. Terminating virtual servers

    Use one of the following methods to terminate the virtual server.

    • Run the shutdown command on the guest OS.
    • Run "Termination of Virtual Server" on the portal or API.