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When automatic failover is completed, a notification email is sent to the overall administrator of the project the target resource belongs to. This section explains the details of these notification messages.

Target Regions

Notification messages are available in the regions below.

  • Eastern Japan Region 1
  • Western Japan Region 2

Timing of Notification

Notification is given at the following timings:

  • When automatic failover completes

Target Resources

The following resources are the targets of notification messages:

  • Virtual servers

Notification Messages and Message Items

The following notification messages are sent.

Figure: Notification Message (Example)

The content of the sections enclosed in the dashed lines changes depending on the type of the target resource.

The items described in email are as follows.

Table 1. Message Items of Automatic Failover Notification Messages
Category Item Name Description
Title [FUJITSU Cloud Service K5][compute-w] Failover completed on your virtual server Title of the notification message
Body Region ID Region ID
Availability Zone Availability zone
Domain Name Domain name (domain ID)
Project Name Project name (project ID)
Virtual Server Name Virtual server name