DNS Service

The DNS service provides an environment for running zone management and record management operations on a DNS content server via Service Portal or an API. You can develop a system that interacts with multiple regions, without the need to build your own DNS server.

Figure: Overall Layout of the Functions Provided by the DNS Service

Functions Included

  • DNS Zone Management Functions
  • Record Management Functions
  • Failover Function
  • Latency-Based Routing Function
  • Weighted Round Robin Function

Points to Note

  • You cannot use a Whois publishing proxy for a domain.
  • SOA records cannot be set.
  • You cannot set an NS record for the root domain.
  • You cannot set an alias for A or AAAA records.
  • Dynamic IP record settings (Dynamic DNS) are not supported.
  • The zone transfer function is not supported.
  • DNSSEC is not supported.