DNS Zone Management Functions

Create zones, delete zones, and view the information of zones within the domains that are currently managed.

Creating a Zone

Create a zone. When you create a zone, an authentication code is required to confirm ownership of the domain.

Important: Select a domain from Domains That Can Be Registered in a Zone.
Note: For domains managed by other companies, authentication is required to create a zone again.

Acquiring Zone Information

Specify a zone name (zone ID) to view the zone information. You can acquire the zone information and the name server information.

Acquiring Zone Information in Bulk

View zone information in bulk.

Table 1. Acquiring Zone Information in Bulk (List of Items That Can Be Set)
Item Description Required
Starting Zone ID Specify a zone ID to serve as the top of the list of zone information to be viewed. If this setting is omitted, acquisition will start from the beginning of the zone information.  
Number Acquired Specify the maximum number of zone information items to acquire. If this setting is omitted, 100 is set.  

Deleting a Zone

Specify a zone that is no longer needed and delete it.

Important: When a zone is deleted, all of the records that are set for that zone are also deleted. Deleted zone information cannot be viewed or restored.
Note: The domain still exists after a zone is deleted.

Limiting Values

Table 2. List of Limiting Values Related to DNS Zone Management
Item Limiting Values
Number of DNS Zones Registered 100 per domain
Time To Live (TTL) for Cache that Can Be Specified 60 - 86,400 seconds
Maximum Number of Records for Bulk Acquisition of Zone Information 100 records