FUJITSU Cloud Service API Reference Manual version 1.9

Purpose of This Document#

This guide describes the specification of the API (Application Programming Interface) provided by the FUJITSU Cloud Service.

You are recommended to also refer to the following related manuals:

The execution environment for the examples is :

  • Cent OS 6.5

* Please be noted that this is just an environment on which our execution examples worked.
Please use the script examples in accordance with your execution environment.

Document history#

Version Date Edited places Description
1.9 July 7, 2020 3 User management API Add explanation
Modify explanation
1.8 June 26, 2019 All section Create HTML version
1.5 Jan. 19, 2018 2.3.1 Get Access Token Modify explanation
1.4 Aug. 30, 2017 2.3.1 Get Access Token Add explanation
1.3 May 15, 2017 2.3.1 Get Access Token Add explanation
1.2 Dec. 22, 2016 1.2 Access Rights by Role
1.1 List of API
2.3.1 Get Access Token
3.3.5 Update user authentication information
Add the section
Modifications corresponding to the new function
1.1 Oct. 7, 2016 2.2 API Execution Errors
3.2 API Execution Errors
Update error messages