2. Authentication API#

2.1 Request Headers#

Request headers for authentication API

No. Header Name Required Header value
1 Content-Type Yes application/json
2 X-FCX-Client-Cert *See note Client certificate mapped to the user

*Note: Required, in cases where ‘Certificate and Password’ authentication is used.

2.2 API Execution Errors#

API execution error information is returned in HTTP response body under json format.

1errorLevelstring1..1Error level
2frameworkobject1..1Framework object
3┗systemErrorCodestring1..1System error code
4businessobject1..1Business object
5┗businessErrorInfostring1..1Error message
6┣responseErrorCodestring1..1Response error code
7┗embeddedStringstring array1..1Additional information


  "errorLevel": "888",
  "framework": {
    "systemErrorCode": ""
  "business": {
    "businessErrorInfo": "Cannot create token from the specified user information.",
    "responseErrorCode": "RCM301802",
    "embeddedString": [ ]

List of response errors

No. HTTP status Error Information Error message Error reason
1 400 Request parameter error Parameter is invalid. Specified parameter: XXX * XXX is the parameter name. Request parameter error (empty parameter, invalid length, invalid format…)
2 401 Cannot create token Cannot create token from the specified user information. User information specified in the request is invalid
3 500 Server error Failed to create token (Internal Error). Internal server error

2.3 API Specification#

2.3.1 Get access token#

  1. Request

Parameter definition

No.ItemRequiredCardinalityMin. lengthMax. lengthRestrictionsDescription
1authYes1..1--ObjectAuthentication object
2┗identityYes1..1--ObjectIdentity object
3┗passwordYes1..1--ObjectPassword object
4┗userYes1..1--ObjectUser object
5┣contract_numberYes1..188See Note(*)Contract number of authentication user
6┣nameYes1..14246See Note(*)User name of authentication user
7┗passwordYes1..11664See Note(*)Password of authentication user
8timezoneNo--See Note(*)Timezone *case-insensitive If no timezone, a timezone other than 'UTC', or an invalid timezone is specified, 'JST' is automatically set.

(*): Upper/Lower case alphanumeric characters. For more details please refer to FJCS Portal User Guide (1.1.2 Essential Information for the use of the FJCS Portal) input restrictions.


2. Response


Response body:

1token1..1Token object
2┣expires_at1..1Expiration of an access token. The expiration from the time of an initial issuance is 30 minutes later. Timezone : 'UTC' if 'UTC' is specified in 'timezone' of 1. Request. 'JST' if other than 'UTC'. Format : YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS.SSSZ (if 'UTC') YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:SS (if 'JST')
3┣scope1..1Token scope
4┗user1..1User object
5┣contract_number1..1Contract number of authentication user
6┗name1..1User name of authentication user