1. API Outline#

1.1 List of API#

No.API GroupAPIMethodURLDescription
1AuthenticationGet access tokenPOSThttps://auth-api.jp-east-1.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/paas/auth/tokenGet token for API authentication.
2User managementCreate userPOSThttps://k5-apiportal.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/v1/api/usersCreate a new user.
3Change user informationPUThttps://k5-apiportal.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/v1/api/usersChange information of the contractor or the specified user.
4Change user passwordPUThttps://k5-apiportal.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/v1/api/userspasswordChange password of the specified user.
5Delete userDELETEhttps://k5-apiportal.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/v1/api/users/?login_id={UserName}Delete the specified user.
6Update user authentication informationPUThttps://k5-apiportal.paas.cloud.global.fujitsu.com/API/v1/api/usersauthenticationmethodUpdate user authentication method of the contractor or a user.

API character encoding is UTF-8.

1.2 Access Rights by Role#

Each user of the FJCS Portal is assigned a ‘Role’ that controls the operations the user is authorized to perform on the FJCS Portal. (Refer to the 'FJCS Portal User Guide' for detail.)

Also for the use of APIs, access rights are assigned by role as shown below.

Caller roleContractorAdministratorDeveloper
Role of Operation TargetOneselfUSEROneselfContractorUSEROneselfContractorUSER
Create New User××××××
Change User Infomation××
Change User Password×××××
Delete User××××××
Update User Authentication Infomation×××××

○: Permitted ×: Not Permitted  △:Permitted with restrictions (See [Change user information ] below.)

By API name, the roles to which the executions are permitted are shown below.

[Create New User]
- The Contractor and Administrator can create a user except with the role of Contractor.

[Change user information]
- The Administrator and Developer can change the information of one’s own, including password.
- The information of the Contractor which can be changed by an Administrator is only its password.
- The Contractor can change his/her own information, except its user status.
- The Contractor and Administrator can change the information of USERs (Administrator / Developer ).

[Change user password]
- Regardless of role, a user can change one’s own password.

[Delete user]
- The Contractor and Administrator can delete a user with a role except Contractor.

[Update user authentication information]
- All users can update his/her own user authentication method.

1.3 Glossary#

Term Explanation
User Person (or system, service) who uses or manages a function
User name Unique ID of a user
Role Authorization granted to a person or a group. Role of a user determines which API that user can execute.
Role code Unique ID of a role